What could be better than having a fresh pair of the new adidas ACE Tango 17+ Purecontrol TF arrive at your door? How about getting them along with a pair in the Tango version all neatly packaged in a super awesome, special edition, presentation case. That’s what happened earlier today!

This could be one of the most impressive presentation cases I’ve seen in a while. Opening the adidas ACE Tango 17+ Purecontrol TF shipping box, the first thing that hits you is the safari style black-on-black pattern with silver text across the top of the box covering. The big collision is obviously that between Neymar and Michael Jordan, as two of the best to ever grace a soccer field and a basketball court join forces. A leather handle across the top adds a nice touch, making it super easy to move around. Along the front casing, the signature logo that adidas created to celebrate the collaboration sits proudly in full effect.

The top opens up on both sides and you haveto fold both fully down to get into the main box, where the adidas ACE Cleats are stored. It flips open, revealing two full panel, red doors. On the left, the text and on the right give you a clear indicator of what is located underneath.

And when you get to the adidas sock soccer shoes from here, the WOW factor reaches another level.But in person, the design is so sharp and extremely clean. Online, the detail color almost looks like a rusty orange, but it is actually a much more effective solar red, with a black speckle pattern through it. The swoosh features the same grey color found on the mid-cut collar, with the added bonus of having a reflective layer across it. In other words, it will stand out when the right light hits it.