If there was anything on this latest version that offers a noticeable improvement it is the clean leather upper design and the improved width through the region. If you look at the 2017-2018 Nike Tiempo Legend 7, it offered a tighter fit around the toe because of the layered front stitching. As a result, it has become common practice to recommend considering a half size up for a more accommodating fit. But, this version is far more spacious and that means they fit a lot more comfortably.

From initial reaction, they have got this one right by combining a clean leather upper with an ever so slight touch component across the upper. More importantly, they have also “reinvented” the basics that fans expect to find on a truly effective Tiempo Legend release. Anyone that has ever worn a pair of 2018 Tiempo Legend before these will know that they have a reputation for fitting very snug.

What is it that makes them a more accommodating boot? It is the shape of the forefoot, where Nike has minimized stitching on the premium leather upper and increased the general width of the material. You can tell from looking at them side by side with the 2017-2018 Nike Tiempo Legend 7 (as per the image below) that they have more room for your feet to slip into.

It is subtle enough that you don’t feel it on your foot, yet it definitely provides some extra texture as you get touches on the ball. And it provides a much cleaner surface without as much stitching in play. The stitching that is visible across the upper is there to loosen the material right on the bend. That will come once we get more wear time with them.

If you are considering a pair, you can rest a little more comfortable knowing they are more accommodating than previous versions. For now, we wanted to make sure you were aware that the sizing of this current boot it much more inline with true to size.

What makes this so different is the fact Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend VII has looked to create a quilted feel without using a high level of stitching. The internal cage system is used to create the arrow like design on the top of the forefoot, and the criss-cross along the lateral and medial sides. There is obviously a lot more to talk about with these Nike Tiempo Soccer Cleats, including the built in tongue and soleplate traction, all of which we are saving for the actual review.