Today is a very big day, as adidas have just presented their newest boot silo, which may very well turn out to be the biggest innovation of 2017. The new adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility is an absolutely unprecedented piece of technology, which will be replacing the Messi collection and joining the adidas ACE and X as a main boot silo. There are just so many new and unseen ways of constructing a football boot used on this boot design that before we take you through it, we just have to mention that this boot really does work and everything you read, as outlandish as it sounds, all makes this boot one of the best we have ever tried in action.

The new adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility Soccer Cleats is made for the nimble, light-footed and sharp reflexed players, who use these attributes in their play to dance past defences. They are true creators, who can strike from anywhere and at any time, which is why opponents fear them so much. Many defenders will remember the times they got outmanoeuvred so hard they were left on the floor and the experience will haunt them forever – just think of Jerome Boateng, who I’m sure won’t forget Leo Messi ever.

Speaking of Lionel Messi, he and the players he chooses to back will not be the only players to wear the adidas Nemeziz soccer cleats, as was the case with the Messi16 silo the Nemeziz replaces. Adidas have added more superstar names to the agility roster and that’s why you can also look forward to seeing this boot on the feet of players like Roberto Firmino and Renato Sanches. Exciting prospects in each their own way, but both absolutely fit the mantra of this new boot. Read this blog for an understanding of how the new boot is made and be sure to watch our full video adidas Nemeziz review, which is also featured in this blog.